10 Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots

10 Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots

Wait, wasn’t he dead? So, you’re telling me it was him all this while? That’s– that’s not possible.

Everybody loves a good plot twist, right?

These are the moments where a film has successfully tricked and played you for a fool. You feel lied to, deceived, angry, and yet you love every second of it. Viewers love to get tricked, that is why when we get to know about a movie with a great twist, we flock to it in droves. The main intention of these movies is to build up suspense and then stun you when you least expect it. This grants the audience immense satisfaction.

The best directors make use of this method all the time. They get you absorbed in the story in such a way that you are wrapped up in the plot and the characters, and then comes the outrageous revelation. So, if you are someone who loves a good twist, here are some clever psychological thrillers filled with twists that will keep you hooked:

10 Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots

Se7en (1995)

Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots: Se7en
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Se7en tells the story of two homicide investigators chasing down a sadistic serial killer who picks his prey according to the seven deadly sins. Investigator David Mills, a confident but naive apprentice who finds himself teamed up with veteran Detective William Somerset. Together they discover the killer’s every action, witnessing the aftermath of his horrendous crimes one by one as the victims pile up in rapid succession, all the while moving closer to a hideous fate neither of them could have expected.

Primal Fear (1996)

Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots: Primal Fear
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A young man, Aaron, is accused of  the horrifying murder of Archbishop Rushman, a hot-shot Chicago attorney Martin Vail takes on his defence at no price. Aaron was a homeless kid before he was taken in by the Archbishop. He’s shy and stutters while speaking. Vail is pretty sure that Aaron is not guilty. But after finding a video that shows Aaron might have had decent reason to want the Archbishop dead, he starts to question that deduction.

When Aaron lashes out at the psychologist inspecting him, another personality, Roy, is discovered. With the hearing already underway, Vail cannot change Aaron’s appeal and so has to find a way to announce his client’s illness. Aaron, as well, has something of a surprise for him.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots: The Sixth Sense
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To wipe the slate clean and get a chance to redeem himself after that soul-scarring event one year ago, the Philadelphia child psychologist, Dr. Malcolm Crowe, chooses to take on his first new case–the severely distressed eight-year-old boy, Cole Sear. Displaying the same signs as  one of his previous patients, Cole goes one step further by sincerely claiming he has the gift, or curse, of a rare and unsolicited sixth sense. A baffling ability to see the dreadful and rowdy spectres of the departed who linger on this earth.

However, can a slowly-recovering cynic believe, let alone cure an anxious spirit crying for help? And, what if Cole’s disturbingly recurrent ghosts are not hallucinations of an injured fantasy, but a convincing reality?

Fight Club (1999)

Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots: Fight Club
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An insomniac nameless speaker needs a dream to flee from his absolutely dull life. He makes an effort to join a cancer support group. However, the only thing they do in the group is sob into each other’s chest. All of a sudden, he is on an aeroplane on his way back from what a spectator would believe is a business trip. The nameless speaker comes across Tyler Durden, a soap-selling bad-ass who happens to run an underground fight club in the parking lot with his friend who follows 8 straightforward rules set out by Tyler. Our nameless speaker unquestionably is taken into this scheme run by Tyler.

American Psycho (2000)

Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots: American Psycho
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27-year-old Wall Streeter Patrick Bateman travels among an exclusive network of recognisable attractive people. Patrick has a routine morning schedule to sustain his appearance of personality and health. He, like those in his network, is big-headed, narcissistic, egomaniacal, and competitive, always having to one-up everyone else in that demonstration of oneself. But he, unlike the others, understands that all of these are facades to conceal what is beneath, someone/something inhumane in nature.

In other words, he is covered by a shell similar to a human that comprises only greed and disgust. Greed in desiring what others might have, disgust meant for those who do not meet his expectations, and for himself in not being the first or the best. That disgust ends up revealing itself in wanting to free the world of those persons. He is not considering them as people, but only of those traits, he wants to purge.

Secret Window (2004)

Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots: Secret Window
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Mort Rainey, a successful author, is suffering from writers’ block. After discovering his wife sleeping with another man, they split and he moved away from the town to someplace in the country. One day a man turns up at his door, calling himself John Shooter, and alleges Mort of duplicating a story from him.

Although Mort is certain that things can be resolved once he shows Shooter the original version, which had appeared two years before Shooter’s version, written in 1997, while Rainey’s was issued in early 1995. He can’t seem to be able to get an original copy in the deadline set by Shooter. Odd things then start occurring that stop him from getting the needed original. Mort attempts to find out who Shooter actually is and if he is accountable for the things that have been occurring.

The Prestige (2006)

Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots: The Prestige
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Two illusionists, who were partners, clash over years in order to build an impeccable technique for the ultimate vanishing trick, “the Transported Man”, which converts into an informal competition between them. They will do whatever possible to be able to execute the trick sooner and better, than the other; which as time passes make their nearest and dearest get away from them. This little by little  destroys their lives until they eventually are successful in executing the trick, each in a very different way.

Orphan (2009)

Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots: Orphan
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Distressed after the demise of their baby, a husband and wife believe their joy is restored when they encounter Esther. She is a brilliant and understanding orphan whom their deaf-mute daughter loves, but their son does not like her. As more and more threatening incidents take place, the mother begins to feel that there is more to her than meets the eye. She fights her past demons while striving to guard her family against a  threatening situation.

Shutter Island (2010)

Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots: Shutter Island
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Federal Marshal Teddy Daniels and his new colleague Chuck Aule travel from Seattle to Shutter Island to inspect the disappearance of a patient there, Rachel Solando. She had been sectioned at the institution for dangerous convicts at Ashcliffe Hospital since she drowned her three kids. Teddy is a veteran WWII soldier, traumatized by the experience in the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp and the demise of his cherished wife in a criminal fire.

Teddy is unable to retrieve the details of employees and patients and feels that the management by the Federal facility is hindering his inquiries. Severe migraines hit Teddy while a storm hits the island, where he and Chuck discover that they’re stranded. Teddy interrogates the prisoners and follows a lead to the lighthouse, where he unveils the mystery of Shutter Island.

Gone Girl (2014)

Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots: Gone Girl
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Under very intriguing and fishy conditions, the former New York City journalist, Nick Dunne, finds out that his home in Missouri has been intruded; his front door half-open; broken glass all over, and his popular author wife, Amy, mysteriously missing. Amongst an unrestrained media feeding frenzy, inescapably, Nick’s life comes under the limelight, as the veteran detective, Rhonda Boney, investigates deeper and deeper into the husband’s superficially perfect image. Consequently, half-truths and full lies entangle Nick more and more in a vague reality where nothing is what it seems. Is the considerate family man, indeed, a ruthless murderer?

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10 Best Hollywood Movies with Twisted Plots
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