10 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About

Loads of assignments, upcoming exams, and irregular sleeping cycles are an integral part of student life. Yep, It’s incredibly stressful!

College assignments with their strict deadlines can be overwhelming. If you are someone troubled by the pile of pending assignments lying on your desk, you have landed in the right place.

Instead of rashly working on your projects, consider using some websites that will assist you through your work, from finding resources, proofreading, correcting grammar, checking plagiarism to organizing, storing, and a lot more. 

We have compiled a list of 10 Useful websites that will help you speed up your college game.

1. Jstor: A Digital Library

10 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About: Jstor

If you’re struggling to find quality content for your assignments or locate a secondary reading to your prescribed texts, Jstor is the best place to visit.

Just a part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization, is a digital library with online content in various formats and disciplines. The collection includes scholarly journals, respected literary journals, academic monographs, research reports from trusted institutes, and primary sources.

2. Chegg: A Place To Rent Books

10 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About: Chegg Books

Have you ever had to leave a book that you desperately needed because of its high price and then purchase its substitute, which is not as good as the former? Well, you will never have to do it again.

Chegg Books is a platform that allows you to rent instead of buy your textbooks. This website helps you save up to 90% in the process, along with free shipping on orders above $35 and a 21-day risk-free return in case you drop a class.

So, before buying your textbooks, always ‘Go Chegg’ and check for its amazing deals.

3. Grammarly: Writing-Assistant

10 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About: Grammarly

Whether you are a beginner or a professional writer, a written work can never be presentable before editing, which is a tedious task.

Grammarly is a “writing assistant” that helps you proofread and edit your document. It checks and suggests corrections for over 250 types of spelling, grammar, sentence formation, vocabulary, and punctuation errors. It gives your write-up an overall score out of 100, based on which you can continue to edit and polish your article.

4. PaperWriter: Literally a Paper Writer

10 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About: PaperWriter

Often, students feel drained and lack the energy to write an assignment because of various personal reasons, including a mental breakdown, family problems, and health issues.

PaperWriter is the best solution to your ‘paper writing’ anxiety. This website provides professional writers who assist you through your writing, editing, and even re-writing process. All you need to do is mention the requirements for your assignment, drop in the deadline, and your job is done. 

5. Copyleaks: Plagiarism Checkers

10 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About: Copyleaks

Plagiarism is an unethical practice of copying someone else’s work, which is rightly prohibited on all platforms. However sure you might be of the authenticity of your assignment, it is always a good idea to run it through a plagiarism checker.

Copyleaks is an ‘anti-plagiarism software’ that scans documents, URLs, and raw texts for any similar material across the internet. With its promise of ‘fast, accurate, and automated’ results, Copyleaks stands among one of the best plagiarism checkers. 

6. QuillBot: Paraphrasing Tool

10 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About: Quillbot

Sometimes, you have done your research and found the exact idea you want to incorporate in your assignment but do not have the energy to paraphrase it. Well, QuillBolt is there for your rescue.

QuillBot is a ‘paraphrasing and summarizing’ tool that will reduce your assignment writing time to almost half. Besides increasing your productivity, this will make your writing clear and concise.

7. Evernote: Organizing Tool

10 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About: Evernote

Searching through a pool of pdfs, documents, online books, and notes stored randomly on your computer for the one file you need can be a tedious task. But with Evernote, keeping track of your study material is much easier.

Evernote is an app that helps you take notes, organize, and manage tasks. This app gives you a feature to create notes as text, drawings, photographs, audio, or saved web content. Further, these Notes are stored in online notebooks that can be tagged, annotated, edited, searched, and exported.

8. Coursera: Online Learning Platform

10 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About: Coursera

Founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng in 2012, Coursera is one of the largest global online learning platforms with courses from leading universities and companies.

Coursera provides you with a high-quality education in any field you desire. It also comes with a financial aid option which can be requested in a few easy steps.

9. Habitica: Self-Improvement Gaming Website

10 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About: Habitica

Habitica is the best source to derive your motivation from. It is a self-improvement gaming website that gives you in-game rewards for real-life tasks.

This game is laid out in the form of the goals you achieve in your real life; the more you accomplish in real life, the more you proceed in the game. Realist goals and a genuine desire to achieve them can make Habitica your real-life motivator. 

10. Sleepyti.me: Bedtime Calculator

10 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About: Sleepyti.me

It goes with saying that a student’s sleeping cycle is a mess. Irregular sleeping patterns can have negative impacts on the body and brain, which a student can hardly afford.

Sleepyti.me is the best tool to manage your sleeping cycle. It is a ‘bedtime calculator’ that can help you determine your sleeping time. This website guarantees you a whole night’s rest and a refreshed morning. Happy sleeping!

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