A Denial To Goodbye

A Denial To Goodbye: A couple standing backs-first with eachother.

We all have someone in our lifes, to whom saying goodbye is unacceptable. We would rather live in the illusion of their existence than accepting the reality of their departure. The times we are living in, has taken away the source of joy from millions of families leaving their lives derelict by the uproar of calamities.

Through my poem I tried to explain the anguish of a lover, who has lost his beloved but is not ready to accept that she is already gone. Instead, he chooses to wait for her, living in the memories of their togetherness rather than haunting himself by her non- existence, until his death do them apart. At the end, we all become stories so make sure you write a good one.

A Denial To Goodbye: A sad man gazing outside a window.


A delusion of your coming, to
The verity of your passing.
The memories of our affection, to
The fostered abyss of loss.

On a morning, greeting spring
Inhaling the fragrance of our nurtured daffodils
Shimmering in the heaps of showering sunshine
Tranquil wind gently embracing,
The dew ridden jasmine vines
Bestowing hope and imitating growth
I await your approach

In the overwhelming hush of a summer noon
Renouncing the languor of golden bloom
I sway on the swing of our youthful grace
While scorching sun browns my shape
Chasmed by the dryness of bristly wind
I await your coming

With the tamed sun peeping through clouds
I drive back,
to our memories in the rainy shroud
Lightening and thunder but my howling heart
Cascading tears are heavenly showers
Painting the sky with shadows of hope
I await your envelope

Under a yellowing evening tree
I gather fading falling leafs
Red, yellow, orange and brown
We once made you a variegated crown
Swayed reminiscence with swaying tress
I continue waiting for thee

On a desolate dark winter night
With frozen thoughts on an ice silenced tide
Numb to the bleak parching gale
Barren milieu haunting my soul
Amid the clanging death bells
I disdain farewell

A denial to goodbye, to
Await your arrival, or
For me to die .

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  1. Wow this poem is worded beautifully. The imagery you conjure is almost surreal and really gives a lot to the very powerful message portrayed. Yes, I think anyone with some semblance of depth has felt this very way.

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