A Message from Her

A Message from Her

The greatest paradox of our society is that the natural things have to be normalized for them, while their fabricated ideals get impulsively normalized by the entire being.

A feeling so pure and beautiful as love is mocked by our society while the evils like casteism are glamorized.

To awaken the once who are still supporting this stigma, here we are with a poem for LGBT community. This poem pictures the apprehension and the trauma of a lesbian lover, who died owing to her detestation from the society. The narrator in this poem is her partner, grieving for her love and yet happy for her liberated soul. It is such a shame on our society that these ugly realities are still prevalent and have indeed increased during this lockdown period. It’s high time for us to acknowledge humanity, remove the stigma and normalize pride.

A Message from Her

A Message from Her

I studied the thick black curls
Seamlessly adorning your speckled back
Lustrous and smooth
But gripped with darkness
Entwined as if in a mesh of caged wilderness
Abandoned from their pride
Drooping loose and uncurled
Dangling like a carnival chandelier
As if to their gala dream

I fell for your beguiling wide eyes
As deep and mysterious as an ocean
With an unfathomable abyss of darkness
Captivating with their depth and gloom
Are jolly wide and still
As glimmering diamonds
Refracting the hurled black
Into their rainbow pride

I kissed your charming mellow cheeks
Parched with salt dripping from your eyes
Mildly blushed like a phoney filtered light
Smeared with a tint of our
Suppressed love
Shackled deep
under the murky blanket of your form
Efficient in skimming to the pinnacle
of your skin
Divulging its pride to the flawed mankind

I read your marshy lush lips
Their lipstick
As red and raging as the mutiny of our souls
Purple blue and dead cold
Latching in it,
The colour smudged tongue
Quelling the voice of pride
Which loitered life long
To revere her lover with its rainbow hue
To enunciate the shades of love
to humankind

I touched your slender neck
Shriveling and crisp
A slashed tree
Unfurling its hollow roots
Like your stooping collar bones
Wilting to be drenched
In a blooming monsoon
Girdled with a swollen red scar
Fresh and pulpy
Like the once gurgling blood of your veins
Flaming hot as if a seething revolt

I felt your soul
Loathed and alone
Crumbled under the debris of societal norms
Free, with the fastening of the coffin
Swaying, garbed in rainbow colours
Gently ruffling my hair, and
Whispering in my ear
‘accompany me!
let’s go beyond this sphere’

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