Apple Arcade: Is It Really A New World To Play In? [1 Year Review]

Apple Arcade Poster

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple has joined forces with many of the world’s most visionary developers. Together, they are trying to push the boundaries to create the games of their dreams —and yours.

Apple arcade aims to provide you with the unlimited play and download from a large, curated-catalogue of games accessible on iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Macbooks and Apple TV.

Apple’s criteria of choice, filters out everything but the best experiences. Additionally, support for Playstation 4 Dualshock4 and Xbox One S controller takes gaming to whole another level. Apple arcade has the big names, with exclusive titles developed by mobile standouts like Ustwo(known for the Monumental Valley games), Zach Gage(famous for Spell tower) and Amanita Design(known for Machinarium and Samorost 3). You can fire up an Apple Arcade game and trust you’ll have a good time – from today’s lineup into the future.

Apple Arcade Features


Apple Arcade offers large curated-list of games at a fee of $4.99. Apple Arcade is compatible with Family Sharing at no extra charge. It means a total of six individuals can access all available games across all supported devices.

Who is it for?

Apple Arcade is for everyone who wants a quality casual gaming experience. It targets the people who are in Apple Ecosystem. It becomes an ideal option for certain people, often starved of compatible games- especially Mac users. The intentional lack of mature/bloody/sexual content in titles, mobile games, makes it a suitable choice for families. Arcade is choke-full of indie games too.

Who is it not for?

If you are someone for whom, gaming is all about higher-calibre franchises and titles then, as of now, Apple Arcade is not for you.

If you are a dedicated gamer who loves to dive deeply into the gameplay or want a competitive environment then, Arcade is not a perfect fit for you. 


Apple Arcade had a estimation of 12 million subscribers in its first six months, but hasn’t crossed the 12 million mark after 1 year. With the commitment of Apple to offer the best user experience and the ambitious developers, Apple Arcade can become a service that can run for years and years to come. But to be honest, Apple Arcade desperately needs some AAA titles to keep their subscribers engaged.

In future, we may expect big franchises making their debut on Apple Arcade. So, this small indie gaming service with resources of Apple has potential to become a giant gaming service.

Our verdict

Apple Arcade is a great little gaming-service trying to hit several niches, family-friendly, offline, indie, casual. It focuses on no micro-transaction gaming on most of Apple devices. But its lack of substantial and renowned titles, combined with an unclear growth strategy, make it tough to guess how it will fare in the future.

As of now, the subscribers are not increasing at the rate the titles are being introduced on Apple Arcade. Also, the introduction of cloud gaming services like NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia, Apple Arcade has to gear up its catalogue.


  • Large starting catalogue
  • No ads, no microtransactions
  • It Works seamlessly on Apple devices
  • Controller Support


  • No AAA games
  • Annoyingly minimal interface
  • Uncertain catalogue growth
  • No support outside Apple Ecosystem
  • Can’t buy a title independently, you need the complete subscription to play any game

Apple Arcade Catalogue

  • A Fold Apart
  • A Monster’s Expedition
  • Agent Intercept
  • Assemble with care
  • ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree 
  • Ballistic Baseball
  • Battle Sky Brigade: Harpooner
  • Beyond a Steel Sky
  • Beyond Blue
  • Big Time Sports
  • Bleak Sword
  • Butter Royale
  • Card of Darkness
  • Cardpocalypse
  • Charrua Soccer
  • Cat Quest II
  • ChuChu Rocket Universe
  • Creaks
  • Cricket Through The Ages
  • Crossy Road Castle
  • Dead End Job
  • Dear Reader
  • Decoherence
  • Discolored
  • Dodo Peak
  • Doomsday Vault
  • Don’t Bug Me!
  • Down in Bermuda
  • Dread Nautical
  • EarthNight
  • Exit the Gungeon
  • Explottens
  • Fallen Knight
  • Fledgling Heroes
  • Frogger in Toy Town
  • Grindstone
  • Guildlings
  • Hexaflip: The Action Puzzler
  • Hogwash
  • Hot Lava 
  • HyperBrawl Tournament
  • Jenny LeClue – Detectivu
  • Jumper Jon
  • King’s League II
  • Kings of the Castle
  • Legend of the Skyfish 2
  • Lego Brawls
  • Lego Builder’s Journey
  • Lifelike
  • Little Orpheus
  • Manifold Garden
  • Marble It Up: Mayhem!
  • Mini Motorways
  • Monomals
  • Murder Mystery Machine
  • Mutazione
  • Necrobarista
  • Neo Cab
  • Neversong
  • Next Stop Nowhere
  • Nightmare Farm
  • No Way Home
  • Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm 
  • Operation 41
  • Outlanders
  • Over the Alps
  • PAC-MAN Party Royale
  • Painty Mob
  • Patterned
  • Pilgrims
  • Possessions
  • Projection: First Light
  • Punch Planet
  • Rayman Mini
  • Red Reign
  • Redout: Space Assault
  • Rosie’s Reality
  • Roundgard
  • Samurai Jack: Battle Trough Time
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts
  • Scrappers
  • Secret Oops!
  • Shantae and the Seven Sirens
  • Shinsekai: Into the Depths
  • ShockRods
  • Skate City
  • Sneaky Sasquatch
  • Sociable Soccer
  • Sonic Racing
  • Spaceland
  • Spek
  • Spidersaurs
  • Speed Demons
  • Spelldrifter
  • Stellar Commanders
  • Spongebob Squarepants: Patty Pursuit
  • Spyder
  • Star Fetched
  • Stela
  • Steven Universe: Unleash The Light
  • Stranded Sails
  • Super Impossible Road
  • Super Mega Mini Party
  • Takeshi and Hiroshi
  • Tales of Memo
  • Tangle Tower
  • tint.
  • The Bradwell Conspiracy
  • The Enchanted World
  • The Get Out Kids
  • The Last Campfire
  • The Loud House: Outta Control
  • The Lullaby of Life
  • The Pinball Wizard
  • The Mosaic
  • The_Otherside
  • Towers of Everland
  • Things That Go Bump
  • Towaga: Among the Shadows
  • UFO on Tape: First Contact
  • Ultimate Rivals: The Rink
  • Various Daylife
  • Way of the Turtle
  • What The Golf
  • Where Cards Fall
  • Winding Worlds
  • Word Laces
  • World’s End Club
  • Yaga 

Top 5 Apple Arcade recommendation

Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2 Poster

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, set a thousand years before the events of the first chapter, takes you on a magical journey across the vast world of Gaia, brimming with mythology and lore. A young Knight faces an impossible challenge, as Warlock Mesmeroth has returned with a formidable Dark Army. Will our hero be able to unite the Owrus, Gillfolk, and men in a fight for the fate of the world? 

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts Poster

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a dreamy arcade game about riding motorcycles, skateboarding, dance battling, shooting lasers, wielding swords, and breaking hearts at 200 mph. 

As the heart of a young woman breaks, the balance of the universe is disturbed. A diamond butterfly appears in her dreams and leads her through a highway in the sky, where she finds her other self: the masked biker called The Fool. 

Journey through a custom-written pop soundtrack, chase scores, and set out to find the harmony of the universe, hidden away in the hearts of Little Death and her star-crossed allies: Dancing Devils, Howling Moons, Stereo Lovers and Hermit 64. 

Let’s Pop! 

Where the cards fall

Where the cards fall poster

Where Cards Fall is a slice of life story where you build houses of cards to bring formative memories to life. Create pathways through dreamlike spatial puzzles to navigate the insecurities and emotions of high school and beyond.


Spyder Poster

Save the world with Agent 8 in this Spy on The Wall adventure. 

Set in a retro universe, British Spy Agency ‘EP-8’ has created Agent 8, the most sophisticated miniature robot spider on earth! Built using experimental technology, this itsy-bitsy superspy is equipped with all the gadgets and gizmos you’ll need; cut through panels, overload terminals, flip switches, and open valves as you scurry about sabotaging the heinous plans of evildoers. 

Your One Tiny Objective?

Save the World! – See the world from a new perspective – Use amazing robot gadgets – Explore unique and open environments – Uncover secret intel – Solve larger than life puzzles 

As Agent 8 you’ll travel to exotic locations and embark on an adventure of fantastic proportions in an era where anything is possible. 

Over the Alps

Over the Alps poster

Postcards written in invisible ink reveal a secret history… 

Travel back in time in the debut game from Stave Studios, OVER THE ALPS. Stay undercover, evade the police, and race across 1939 Switzerland in this Hitchcockian World War Two spy thriller. 

Navigate the twists and turns of an interactive story written by Jon Ingold of 80 Days and Heaven’s Vault fame, where each of your actions has consequences. 

P.S. We have also covered some of the cloud gaming services, also check that article out.

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