Best Cartoon Shows: Reminiscing Our Childhood

Cartoon Shows: Remembering Our Childhood
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There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever. For me, all those awesome cartoon shows we used to watch as kids were my enchanted garden. Even though some of the cartoons don’t make sense to me anymore, I have woken up my 7-year-old self early every day only to not miss them. It’s surprising that almost all of them pushed for good manners in kids in some very subtle or even direct ways (propaganda is everywhere!).

Here are some of my favorite cartoon shows in no particular order:


Scooby Doo
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Shaggy and Scooby like two things: scooby snacks and sleep. We totally stan their friendship. I am sure you all made fun of them as a child but now have made a complete 360 in your own lives.  The same unwashed t-shirt, a bowl full of nachos, yes I am talking about binge-watching (might wanna consider Scooby-Doo).  If you want to turn your life around do it like Daphne. She went from’ Danger Prone Daphne’ to a black belt ass-kicking martial arts expert except not always.

Scooby-Doo Theme song

Ben 10

Ben 10
Source: Imdb

The Omnitrix made wrist wearables cool long before Apple did. The Ben 10 franchise is one of the cartoon network’s longest-running with a reboot still on the air.  The dynamic trio of the Tennysons- Ben, Gwen, and grandpa (Max)  combined with the villainy of Vilgax and his drones, it was (and still is) very popular among kids. 

We witnessed our favorites-Heatblast, Four Arms, upgrade, or the dirty Stinkfly save the universe (stinkfly,really?) but more importantly thrash Vilgax. So much for being the “most dangerous being in the world”, the guy can’t defeat a kid with a watch. 

All Ben 10 theme songs


Source: Wikiwand

Reminisce this: Nobita running back home in all tardy clothes, shouting “doraemoooon” along the way. This was a start to an episode of futuristic gadget gimmicks. The rich drag Suniyo shunning Nobita, Gian being the bully he is, Nobita’s obsession with Shizuka and his tryst to keep Dekesuki away from his future wife, are all the problems that Doraemon is supposed to somehow handle. 

Admit it or not, we’ve all wished to have a Bamboo Copter or an Anywhere Door.  All this chaos in Nobita’s life but Doraemon still found time to charm Mi-chan. If you want any lessons on how to manage professional and personal life, Doraemon is your go-to man.

Doraemon theme song (multi-language)


Source: TV Asahi Program Guide

Annoyance to the Kazamas of the world and a pleasure to no one. He can have Chocobis all day and still forget to feed his dog, Shiro. He’s a force of chaos and the only shield to it is Misae’s iron hands (Shinchan definitely has a damaged brain XD).

 Shinchan has a gang full of friends and these kids are very responsible, I mean at least they try. He’s the unelected leader of the Kasukabe Defence Group(apparently shouting slogans takes you places). The gang’s only girl member has a crush on him and so does the new rich pretty girl in school (Shinchan lived my high school dream in kindergarten).  And in stock of the current situation, Bo-chan might as well clean his nose! 

Shinchan theme song (Japanese)


Source: Pinterest

Oswald is the innocent good boy in the group who does everything right and wants to be there for everyone. He has a song for everything whether it’s for making a  birthday cake or convincing a dear friend for a haircut. Need I tell you  who the best pet is? (looking at you Winnie girl).

You can always hop on Oswald’s go-kart because he would much rather lose to a tortoise in a race than not help his friends.  And yes we understand the need to run through an entire city for a Swizzleberry Swirl and a vanilla dog bone because “Everybody loves ice-cream!”

Oswald theme song

Dragon Tales

Dragon tales
Source: TV tropes

Gather around because it’s time for another one of Quetzal’s stories. Fancy a ride on a dragon? All you need is the dragon scale and the special song (“Shush Max, we can’t tell everybody”). We all would love to have the sibling relationship that Max and Emmy have but probably without the bossy Emmy part. Dragons have taught me more life lessons than a teacher ever could.

 And if you were ever caught while sneaking out by your parents, congratulations a 4-year-old is better at it than you.

Dragon Tales theme song

Bob the Builder

Bob the builder
Source: Metro News

“Can we fix it?”

“Yes, we can”

I can’t believe that I was tricked into seeing a building contractor go about his daily work. What can I say, I did like lofty a lot. I would give the vehicles a lot more credit for work and to Bob ah! for just standing (child instincts, eh?). But I fear much that I have grown up to be a Spud. *facepalms*

Bob the Builder theme song (360p)

Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb
Source: TV Guide

“Doobi doobi dooba dooba”

I am sorry but I am very much invested in Perry the platypus. This show almost made me want to have a platypus as a child. But over the years, I have developed sympathy towards Doofenshmirtz. That said, I keep wondering if they ever got Candace tested for a mental problem. Only if she had WhatsApp, it would save her a lot of “Moooom, Phineas and Ferb are….”. Oh, and how she simped for Jeremy. ( Girls do simp for guys.)

Also, for all his intelligence, couldn’t Phineas ever see that Isabella had a crush on him. Boys will be boys, I guess?.

Phineas and Ferb Theme Song

SpongeBob SquarePants

Spongebob Square pants
Source: IMDB

Welcome to Bikini bottom, a place where you light fires but somehow your handwritten letters will get all hazy  (obviously duhh, it’s underwater).

 You most certainly relate to singer, musician, artist exemplar Squidward if you also belong to a “house of unrecognized talents”. I think that’s where he gets his sense of humor from. Patrick is the dumb friend we all are tired of but can’t rid of because of how much we love him/her.

 I would advise you to stay away from Mr. Krabs or you would find yourself on sale.  He greedy!  Our main man Spongebob loves pranks. All these pranksters on TikTok ain’t got no shit on him. He also has a weird obsession with frying (You can hire him for free).

I am pretty sure you missed a lot of jokes here as a child. Yes, I am making a solid case for you to rewatch it.

Spongebob Theme song

Fred and Daphne have some serious issues to sort out between them. Talking about love lives, who’s the Gibby to your Velma?

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry classic title card

How can a list of our favorite cartoons be complete without Tom and Jerry? All this talk about the plot, character development, and acting skills but we still fell for a cat-mouse rivalry. The show has been running since 1940 and has continuously been one of the most-watched cartoons world over. 

 Tom getting beaten up by the faceless lady(we’re never going to know and it makes me sad) or by the dog whose name is Spike by the way! The classic traps that tom sets for jerry. The technical word for them is Rube Goldberg traps (I am sorry!). 

I won’t ask you to rewatch this because I know you still watch it!

Tom and Jerry all intros

Make way for Noddy

Source: Make way for Noddy Facebook page

“ It’s a sunny day in Toyland…..”

Ahh, I miss the theme song as well as the opening line and the honking. Our goody two shoes Noddy always gets into trouble and drags the entire Toyland along with him! (Noddy is a bigger culprit than Sly and Gobo for sure). 

If you commit any crime then “Halt, in the name of Plod!” you should. Or if you’re in a tough spot just say “A challenge? I like it!” as Mr. Sparks does. 

Dinah can sell anything under the sun (She would ace those marketing interviews). 

Lastly, if you want a good old man’s advice, there’s always Big Ears (a little too on the nose isn’t it?). And all the love for our adorable Bumpy!

Noddy Theme Song

Arghh, this list can never be complete! There are so many more shows that I would like to talk about. Popeye, the man who made me eat spinach, the cute trains on Thomas and friends, adventures in Dexter’s Laboratory, the weirdly always good hair of Johnny Bravo (It couldn’t only be wax), Mickey Mouse and his so many friends, or the Pokemons which were the only reason that I once ventured outdoors. This is an endless list and I can’t be taking up all your time. See you if there’s a sequel to this 🙂

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