Books Every Dog Lover Should Read

Dogs only make our lives better. They love us unconditionally. They do these cute little things that bring a smile to our faces. They stay by our side no matter what and the bond we form with them is inseparable. These things surely make them our best friend. Don’t they?

There are so many books about dogs that a dog-lover should read. For all you dog lovers out there, we’ve put together a list of the ones you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you’re looking for a heart-warming true story of a loyal companion or a novel that you simply can’t put down, you’ll find it in this list.

‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ by Garth Stein


Books every Dog Lover should read: The art of racing in the rain.

This book tells us the story of a dog named Enzo and his race car driver dad, Denny Swift. Told from Enzo’s point of view, the novel beautifully captures the heartbreaks and happiness of what it means to be a family.

The Art of Racing in the Rain intriguingly tells a story from the dog’s perspective, with human-like thoughts and a dog’s natural instinct. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be amazed by this wonderful bond between a man and his dog.  

‘A Dog’s Purpose’ by W. Bruce Cameron 


Books every Dog Lover should read: A dog's purpose

This is an extraordinary story of one dog that is in search of his purpose throughout several lives. It is so much more than just any other dog story.

The dog goes on countless adventures while leading many different lives and he makes us realise that all of us are here for a reason. It touches the reader’s soul on so many different levels and teaches us that love never really dies. The story is emotional yet uplifting and it is crafted so beautifully.

‘A Big Little Life’ by Dean Koontz


Books every Dog Lover should read: A Big Little Life

Dean Koontz and his wife adopted Trixie, a three-year-old retired service dog. She changed their lives with her joyfulness and intelligence. After Trixie passed away, Koontz wrote his first non-fiction book in her honour.

Here we learn about Trixie, the miraculous dog that entered Koontz’s life and changed his world forever. He tells the heartfelt and excruciating stories of his life with Trixie that all dog lovers have experienced and will relate to.

‘Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog’ by Pamela S. Turner


book cover of the book 'Hachiko: The True Story Of a Loyal Dog'
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This is the story of a real dog named Hachiko who lived in Tokyo. A dog so loyal and faithful to his master that he waited for him at the Shibuya Train Station for 10 years until the day he died.

As Hachiko grew older, he started to see off his owner at the Shibuya Train Station and went to pick him up at the station in the afternoon. One day he was waiting for his owner at the station but he never showed up. Throughout the rest of his life, he kept going to the train station every morning and afternoon. He sat there for hours, patiently waiting for his owner to return. 

The legend of Hachiko will melt your heart and his story will inspire you as it has inspired thousands of people all over the world.

‘Marley and Me’ by John Grogan


book cover of the book 'Marley & Me'
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Marley and Me portray the life of John and his family and their relationships with Marley, a yellow Labrador Retriever. John and Jenny brought home Marley when they were young. He is strong, powerful, hungry, very active, and somewhat uncontrollable. 

Even though he was disobedient and destructive to their properties, his love and loyalty were boundless. He was always forgiven for his behaviors because he has a pure heart. Through this journey with Marley, they learn that love comes in many forms.

‘Travels with Casey’ by Benoit Denizet-Lewis


Books every Dog Lover should read: Travels with Casey

New York Times Magazine columnist Benoit Denizet-Lewis wrote this hysterical novel, where we take a road trip with a 9-year-old Labrador, Casey, and his human friend. 4 months, 32 states, and 13,000 miles in a rented motorhome. 

Casey hangs out with wolf-dogs, enters a dock-jumping competition in Florida, sleeps in a Beagle-shaped bed and breakfast in Idaho, and visits a “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan. They visit pet psychics and meet animal advocates. And the best part is, it’s all true.

Travels With Casey is a wonderful blend of a memoir and a travelogue.

‘Lily and the Octopus’ by Steven Rowley


Ted and Lily are a classic example of the inseparable bond that forms between a human and his dog. Ted is a lonely, middle-aged, struggling writer with a dachshund named Lily. When Ted gets the news that Lily’s health is deteriorating, the two of them go on a journey to find a cure. 

Ted calls it the “octopus” because it was something squeezing the life out of Lily. Ted slowly comes to the realisation that Lily may not survive the octopus. The readers are reminded of the power of love and how difficult it is to let go of that love. The story is as funny as it is heartbreaking.

The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford


book cover of the book 'The Incredible Journey By Sheila Bunford'
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The Incredible Journey tells the story of two dogs and one cat who travels across the wild countryside together in search of their owner.

The story begins at John Longridge’s house where he is looking after three animals for his friend, Jim Hunter, who is working in England. The animals decide to try and find their owner and thus begins a journey of over four hundred kilometers.

They follow their instincts and head west, towards home. Together, the three face hunger and fight off wild animals as they make their way back home to the family they love. 

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Kriti Dhingra
Kriti Dhingra

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