Home Was No Longer a Happy Place

Home Was No Longer a Happy Place: A lonely child standing on the door looking outside.

While we sit in our homes enjoying the luxuries of our life there are a lot of children facing the trauma of their parents getting separated. Witnessing the downfall of the two strongest pillars, upturns one’s life, and for him looking back, home was no longer a happy place. The major problems of such breakdowns lay in the patriarchal set up of the society where the women are subjected to marry without their choice and the male exercises their power over her , treating her to be nothing but a mere object. His vanity of being a male goes to such an extent that he cheats her, molests her and then finally throws her away like an used object.

In all these futile pursuits the main sufferer apart from these two people are their children who have to watch their world crumbling down at such a tender age. Highlighting the apprehensions of one such child I endeavour to reach out to people and make them familiar with the obscured realities of our society.

Home Was No Longer a Happy Place: A lonely child sitting under a tree.

Home Was No Longer a Happy Place

It was a crisp evening of
sultry summer june
The sun had almost descended,
the sky purple blue
Birds hoarded their evening worms
While i read my book , oblivious
Of the approaching storm
My mother had returned 
from her evening walk
Panting and weeping,
smeared with muck sweat
Before i could fathom
She was on a call , it was my father
Did you see that whore again?
I went numb , cold,
Something inside , ripped my soul
Her face went pallid, 
while the opposite line 
buzzed with abuses
She hung up with a fuming BANG!
burbling between 
submission and curses

As the beaming street lights 
revived my sensation
I saw him at the parking lot
Not able to reckon 
the cause of his queerness
But i was afraid of him
He was reckless , a raging rabid dog
Showering abuses,
almost striking that ashen woman
Her utopian world had crumbled down
Leaving her in a limbo of 
bottomless darkness
She moved , in lethal stillness,
As if into the abyss of that barren gloom
Halted at the kitchen pole,
Thud ! Thud ! Thud ! 
She thumped her head
I nearly fainted 
While he was there , standing still
A loathsome devil , relishing in his hell
Plunging into the daunting depths
of her life
She kindled a match,
her stole flaming with fire
Before she could coalesce 
into her murky sphere
I splashed her insanity,
mollifying her angst
Wailing and babbling,
she was back to routine
While he slipped out like a criminal
With no crease of guilt,
rather a mulish skull

Fathers were the best humans
Till that day , divulged to me,
hideous realities , of a family,
i believed was perfect
Tears , reviles , batterings and suicide
Made me accustomed 
to his monstrous eyes
Trees hushed , cars honked
sky dark , stars sparkled and
Every being bounded to home
Not a single thing changed
But my world , was not same.

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