I Attended a wellyou Event

Recently, a mail from Adam and Amelia, co-founders of wellyou, landed in my inbox. They invited me for an online meeting on a possible collaboration. As the meeting went forward, I came to know more about their startup. 

I Attended a wellyou Event

wellyou is a Berlin-based startup that aims to help people achieve overall well-being. Also wellyou is soon launching holistic and gamified 1 and 3-month programs to help people work on their happiness and well-being using science-based methods. 

These programs will soon launch from April 2021 and can be enjoyed through wellyou’s iOS app.

wellyou iOS App

To help even more people, wellyou also organizes free-for-all events. I was also invited to attend one such event. So without any further ado, let’s talk about the event.

Kickstart 2021: Reach Your Goals and Live Intentionally!

On January 17th, wellyou organized an event, “Kickstart 2021: Reach Your Goals and Live Intentionally!” by Belinda Merkle (Head of Psychology at wellyou).

wellyou: Kickstart 2021: Reach Your Goals and Live Intentionally!

The session started at 1:00 pm EST, which translated to 11:30 pm in my region. Attending the session heavy-eyed, I thought I would pass out in the middle of the session. But to my surprise, seeing the energy and passion that Amelia and Belinda poured into the session, I got wide awake.

Belinda talked about the importance of making goals in life. Then she taught all the attendees how to convert aspirations into goals, and goals into realities. 

Belinda also talked about how in the pursuit of achieving goals, one encounters obstacles and how one should progress towards his goals after dealing with such set-backs. 

Soon we were handed some hand-outs, and then started the activity portion of the session. We were asked to fill in several pieces of information like our goals, encouragements behind our goals, and how we aim to tackle any obstacle which may come in our way.

Then Belinda reviewed the contributions and the session ended with all of us discussing our input.

What do I think about the session?

During these difficult times, being confined in our homes can cause some real distress. The only thing that can make this distress go away is the sense of being somewhere. And for me, this session brought that feeling back.

Being with a group of people seeking wellness can be the most positive experience, and Belinda’s session was exactly that.

Things I learned from the session

Being with a group of people who share similar objectives as you, fills your body with alacrity. Attending wellyou‘s session taught me a lot of things like how to metamorphose aspirations into goals, and how to relentlessly strive towards those goals.

But the most important thing that I learned is that life gets easier when you can freely share what you feel, and wellyou‘s session was a comfortable space where I could freely express myself.

Do I Recommend You To Attend wellyou’s Events?

Yes, I do recommend you to attend the upcoming events from wellyou.

Attending these events will help you to learn tons of new things which may supplement your overall well-being. Also, these events can truely provide you some gratifying experience.

I Attended a wellyou Event

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