Insight Browser Brings the Power of PC-Like Browser Extensions to iOS and iPadOS

Insight Browser
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Why are we so excited about Insight Browser?

Let’s Find Out.

One of the absolute best things about desktop browsers is theirsupport of extensions. These extensions can make your life easy by providing an extra layer of features like ad-blockers, picture-in-picture video players, coupon finders, dark mode extensions, vpns, and much more.

This remarkable ability has finally come to iPhones and iPads through Insight Browser. Insight Browser features extensions which block advertisements and trackers, flag fake reviews on Amazon, provide SEO-free search experiences or even point out media bias and misinformation, among many other features.

Insight Browser: Dark Mode Google
Source: App Store; Google in Dark Mode

The extension list of the Insight Browser so far is limited (around 100 extensions) but still useful. Of course, there is an ad blocker along with a convenient extension of “Dismiss Upsells” that stops websites from asking you to install their native apps. When iOS’s Dark Mode is enabled, an automatic dark mode extension forces websites to display a black background (even if the websites don’t support dark mode).

Another extension works with ReviewMeta to identify fake reviews on and, with the aid of camelcamelcamel price tracker, enables you to set price alerts (so you may never miss a price drop) and you can also find all the available coupons on the surface. Others help you check for bias in the news through Media Bias Fact Check or watch videos on YouTube and other video sites in picture-in-picture mode (which will save you a $12 monthly subscription of Youtube Premium).

Insight Browser: Extensions
Source: Insight Browser

Another exciting feature is that the users can create their own extensions. Using a simple interface similar to that of the iOS Shortcuts app, users can use basic “if, then” logic to define the conditions for their extension. For example, while checking a product on Google, you can make Insight Browser open the same product on Amazon on its own.

It is uncertain if the Insight Browser will continue with these additional user-created extensions as Apple has barred apps from providing a “store within a store” feature on iOS.

Insight Browser isn’t the first effort on the mobile platform to carry extensions. Several browsers on Android, including Dolphin and Firefox, have their own extension support. The iCab Mobile, a long-running iOS browser, has its own list of extensions or “modules” included with the app, but users have to manually uninstall those they don’t want to use and no new ones can be added (as Apple forbade iCab Mobile to let users create their own modules).

Safari also has its own extensibility, which is very limited. For example, users can install third-party apps that block advertisements, trackers, and intrusive pop-ups through its ‘content blockers’ feature.

In the longer run, Insight Browser team intends to add a pro service in-addition to the currently available service. Soon the team also aims to launch a Desktop-version of the browser.

With its claims of being 35% faster than Safari and promising lists of extensions, Insight Browser can be a break-through success soon.

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