Lively Yet Lonely: The City of London

Lively Yet Lonely: The City of London
New Version [Find old version below]
Canvas: 21cm x 29.7 cm
Medium: Oil Paints

The painting captures the essence of those million wanderers with plenty, little, or no money.How people work day in and day out to either meagerly manage their daily bread or to keep their torch of ambition blazing, it makes me wonder how and more importantly why a preoccupied city with 9 million inhabitants, happens to be the loneliest in the world.

This painting, at some level, epitomizes that feeling, which is in each one of our hearts, that sense of belongingness to be there but then us failing to find a safe place for ourselves.

I so often am engulfed by this loneliness, sitting in the porch with a warm cup of flavoured tea, watching the rain spattering the soil out of my flower pot. I see people in raincoats catching trams, heading to their jobs then wonder if I ever will feel complete or at the least less lonely someday, one day, one final day.

But then, is that what we seek, solitude? To be left on our own and not be bothered by somebody else’s predicaments.

This grey zone baffles me, makes me feel uncertain about myself, questioning if I had known myself all these years or was that just me being somebody else, trying fit the world enough.

The painting though coloured in multiple colours reflects this grey zone.

Is it solace in solitude or suffering in solitude?

Lively Yet Lonely: The City of London
Old Version
Medium: Watercolour
Canvas: 21cm x 29.7 cm

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