My Old FairyTale Town

My Old FairyTale Town: In this image I potray magical town of my dreams
My Old FairyTale Town

Growing up I have read and watched like a thousand magical fairytales. I would build castles and forts, witches, unicorns, elves, dragon, and griffins in my dreams. For a long time, my dream house was a wobbly floored wooden house with attics (not kidding). I would summon Merlin to discuss my stupid, little enigmas. I would frolic all around the house sprinkling sand on every object within my initial visibility, believing it would make things fly (you know like pixie dust), well, of course, it wouldn’t fly! But the heart inside that 8-year-old bubbly girl with a princess hat on, never really got over the “fantasy world”. So here I am, still believing in fairy tales and advocating something as occult as magic does exist in my predicaments, little dwarfs will be my helping angels and an old wise man with a long white beard will give me the best life advice.

So as I sat that day, tired from the mechanical, corporate, money and career world, thinking of those wooden houses with multiple chimneys, of the forts where a princess would be fighting for the good and ardently helping those she could, of the vintage wooden lamp posts, barely lighting the pathway, the night-blue sky filled with shimmering stars, I ended up conjuring this.

Certainly one of my favourites, the overall blue hue sings the fantasy ode from the bottom of its heart.

This painting fortunately or unfortunately, I’m not sure, was made with the most scarcely available items. I did not have any canvases back home and the whole country was under lockdown due to the covid19 pandemic. I had oil paints with no white shade in it. And the artist inside me was turning into Hulk with every passing second! So …………… I grabbed two pairs of A4 sheets, taped them together to make a bigger sheet and used a whitener, literally a whitener pen to do the highlights and for the sky. It only makes me laugh now, cause whitener is so not supposed to be a substitute for ” Titanium White Oil paint”, and was so difficult to handle!
But in the end, I was over the top happy with the painting. So moral of the story, “don’t get contained by the circumstances”? Yes indeed!

Stretched on a 4*A4 size print paper (XD), i.e. 23.4 x 16.54 inches, painted with oil paints except for colour white which instead has been festooned using a whitener pen, this painting despite its history does not fail to embody the magical vibes. Put it in your daughter’s room, living room, art space, study space to help you stay out of the box!

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