Discussing OnePlus: Nord Confirmed Details, OnePlus TV Y & U, OnePlus TWS earphones, OnePlus Ecosystem

Till now OnePlus has been about providing flagship-level phone experience at a budget price. But they have transitioned from under-priced flagship killers to similarly-priced flagship competitors – maybe this was the plan after all; to start as an underpriced premium phone to create an impact while slowly increasing prices to compete with other premium smartphones. Their ‘Pro’ models are priced similarly to other flagships. Why shouldn’t it be? They even started offering things which they didn’t earlier but other flagships did – wireless charging, cameras comparable to other flagships, IP68 dust/water resistance rating. Definitely ‘OnePlus 8 Pro’ is one of the best phones at the flagship price. However, these recent price hikes in the OnePlus smartphones (OnePlus 8 & OnePlus 8 Pro) has upset their loyal fanbase who still demand what OnePlus offered initially – under-priced flagship killer. To solve this OnePlus is reverting to a low-cost strategy again by launching OnePlus Nord – more affordable OnePlus phone.

OnePlus Nord Confirmed details

Oneplus Nord official back look
OnePlus Nord official back look

After teasing it for quite some time on their Instagram page, they revealed the name – OnePlus Nord – along with slight details on June 30th. It’s crazy how people pre-booked OnePlus Nord so fast knowing nothing other than it’s going to be affordable. Pete Lau said in their official Nord documentary that it’ll be priced under $ 500. It’s difficult to guess the price since OnePlus smartphones prices can differ a lot from region-to-region (Price difference of their products in India and USA). Let’s talk about the confirmed details of the phone.

[UPDATE: OnePlus has now confirmed a 4010 MAh battery with the reveal of teardown cover (partenered with JerryRigEverything) for OnePlus Nord showing the interiors of the phone on their official insta page.]

The phone will feature a quad-camera setup on the back and a dual-camera setup on the front as confirmed in their official Instagram channel. The camera specifications aren’t confirmed just yet. Nord will sport an AMOLED display as per their official IG handle. Amazon Nord official page confirms Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5G.

OnePlus Nord amazon tease

Since Amazon is teasing high refresh rate it’s definitely not 60 Hz. We can assume Nord to have a 90Hz refresh rate since 120Hz is unlikely because it’s not even available in standard OnePlus 8. More details about OnePlus Nord to be available on the OnePlus event on 21st July which will be the world’s first AR smartphone launch event. You can download the OnePlus Nord AR app on the play store or app store to attend this event.

OnePlus Nord box
OnePlus Nord Box

OnePlus TV Y and U series

Discussing OnePlus: Nord Confirmed Details, OnePlus TV Y & U, OnePlus TWS earphones, OnePlus Ecosystem

So, the disruption of mobile market was not the only thing OnePlus planned when they launched OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro in Q3 last year (It’s only available in India and China but OnePlus will launch it globally soon as confirmed by CEO Pete Lau). OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro offered a lot more than it’s competitors for much less. OnePlus TVs’ pricing undercuts the likes of Sony and Samsung, but positioning above more budget TV makers like Hisense and Xiaomi. Now OnePlus wants to take them down too with their Y series.


Y series –

  • 32″ and 43″ Full HD display
  • 93 % DCI-P3
  • Two 10W speaker
  • Dolby Audio
  • Bezel-Less Design (screen/body ratio is 88.5 % in 43″ and 91.4 % in 32″)
  • Android TV with Oxygen OS

price in India of 32″ = Rs 12,999 ($ 173)

price in India of 43″ = Rs 22,999 ($ 306)

U series –

  • 55″ 4K display
  • 93% DCI-P3
  • Four 30W speakers
  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • Burden-less Design (95% screen to body ratio)
  • Android TV with Oxygen OS

price in India = Rs 49,999 ($ 665)

These Smart TVs apart from built-in Google Chromecast, google assistant, and play store include access to features such as Oxygen Play, OnePlus Connect, and more, promising users an enhanced smart TV experience at competitive prices. U series is very similar in specifications to the last year Q1 and Q1 pro, with the obvious difference of having an LED display whereas the Q1 series has QLED displays. These TVs have 93 % DCI-P3, which is the standard used in most cinema halls around the world. With these new products and seamless integration between devices, could OnePlus be moving towards an Ecosystem?

Discussing OnePlus: Nord Confirmed Details, OnePlus TV Y & U, OnePlus TWS earphones, OnePlus Ecosystem

OnePlus Ecosystem!?

Discussing OnePlus: Nord Confirmed Details, OnePlus TV Y & U, OnePlus TWS earphones, OnePlus Ecosystem

The reason behind OnePlus reverting back to a low-cost strategy isn’t maybe just about keeping the fans happy, but rather using its cheaper products as a bridge to getting people into the ecosystem. As Lau explains in an interview he gave to the fast company,

We indeed have come from background and roots as a hardware company, but from what we see looking forward, building an ecosystem is a forward trend.”

Navnik Nakra, VP and Chief Strategy Officer of OnePlus India, in an interview with TechPP, said that the company has now decided to expand from just the premium and super-premium devices to the premium and accessible connected ecosystem. It’s not exactly clear what will OnePlus Ecosystem be like. OnePlus has its own TV ranges which offer additional features when using OnePlus connect on an OnePlus phone. Then we also have Bullet headphones which support quick pairing with OnePlus smartphones. Every premium tech company (Google, Apple and Samsung) is looking for ways to expand their ecosystem. None of the existing ecosystems we have competes with what Apple Ecosystem offers – One of the reasons being Apple’s control over hardware and software. So, it’ll be nice to see what OnePlus can offer. Today only, OnePlus India’s official Instagram handle shared a post which could be a tease for OnePlus Truly Wireless buds which is rumoured to be launched alongside Nord.

Discussing OnePlus: Nord Confirmed Details, OnePlus TV Y & U, OnePlus TWS earphones, OnePlus Ecosystem
OnePlus showing their wireless headphones line-up and hinting towards a next product

[UPDATE: OnePlus has now officially confirmed their TWS, OnePlus Buds, which will be launched along with Nord on 21st July]

This is very much expected since OnePlus’s sister companies have their own TWS since some time ( Vivo, Oppo etc). OnePlus could create an Ecosystem attracting different users; consider a user using Nord, TV series Y and bullets wireless Z. On the other hand, consider another user using 8 Pro, TV series Q1 and OnePlus Buds. OnePlus bullets and TVs have been a major hit. It’s safe to assume that OnePlus will expand their products and reach. It’s difficult to say if OnePlus is definitely going this way. But considering Lau’s statements, OnePlus products line-up, and integration of different OnePlus devices, I definitely think we will get an OnePlus ecosystem soon.

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