Now Every Mac User Can Use Safari in 120Hz!

Now Every Mac User Can Use Safari in 120Hz!

When scrolling across the browser with a compatible display, Apple’s web browser can now provide a 120Hz refresh rate smooth experience, and it’s available as part of Apple’s “Safari Technology Preview,” which anybody can download. Due to the initiative, people would surf the web with a smoother experience with Apple’s web browser and a high-refresh-rate display.

The latest “Apple Safari Technology Preview,” recognized for having the purple colour for the compass of Apple’s web browser, has been added to Apple’s list of Safari Downloadables. The recently launched 120Hz scrolling capability for Apple’s web browser is now available, and sure, it will improve the web browsing experience by speeding up the screen pace.

Instead of a standard screen refresh rate of 24 to 60 frames per second, it would be 120 frames per second, which has no trouble delivering the same refresh rate and quality, resulting in the best possible output for Apple panels. The feature was unveiled on Monday, generating a lot of enthusiasm among everyone, especially those who would be receiving their 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Pro soon.

Where To Download the New Safari Beta?

Users who do not have the latest MacBook Pro can still use this, especially if they have a monitor that can output 120Hz to connect their Apple device. Anyone who wants to try out the beta and the increased scrolling feature can download the Apple Safari Technology Preview.

Here’s the link for Apple Safari Technology Preview.

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