OTT: How It Changed Everything

OTT: How It Changed Everything

OTT has revolutionized content creation and its consumption.Filmmakers who were deprived of big screens because of the budget cuts are now ruling the OTTs. The amount of popularity gained by authentic cinema and filmmaking as a craft is just unreal. OTT has made it possible for lower-budget productions to reach the maximum number of audiences. Production houses are willingly investing in the creation of regional and original content.

Also, more and more projects are coming up because of the exhilarating rate of consumption on OTT platforms. Directors and filmmakers are given absolute liberty as the restriction of censorship is out of their way. As the content isn’t censored the audience connects more to the character and the plot. 


In simple words, OTT platforms i.e., over the top media services are streaming platforms accessible via the internet. Here the content from all over the world is delivered to the audience on a single app. Be it Netflix, Amazon Prime, or even Youtube, the number of audiences these apps have managed to cater is beyond belief. They have managed to transform people’s approach to consuming content.

A decade ago no one could have imagined that watching 6-10 hours of television in one stretch would become a thing. OTT platforms also forced the Film and Traditional entertainment sectors to pull up their socks.  The traditional sector could barely compete with the quality of content available on the streaming platforms. 


Just a few years ago we could barely download the movies of our choice. Now we have access to the global cinema and series just a click away. One of the reasons that OTT is becoming a threat to cable TV is the quality and authenticity of its content. A lot of regional shows have gained a strong audience just based on their concepts.

The shows and movies bring that ‘X factor’ which attracts audiences. Creators have also turned to OTT platforms as it provides them with the freedom they require to portray their stories. Secondly, the amount of untapped audience that can be gained on a global scale is incredible. At this point in time, OTT platforms dominate our screen.

OTT: Netflix

As a result of OTT, there is a lot of pressure on creators to provide engaging stuff consistently. As viewers, we have the authority to dismiss anything that doesn’t hook with us within five to ten minutes. We watch stuff at a very high rate but at the same time, the attention span drops significantly. With OTT we have experienced a huge exchange of ForeignCinema and Series. A few tears back Korean Drama had a limited number of audiences but eventually, its fanbase grew all over the globe. It gained so much popularity that today Korean Drama is a genre of its own.


After thriving for an entire day we sit down to watch an episode of our favorite series or a really good movie but seldom we watch just that. It mostly goes to binging an entire season or watching a trilogy in one go. This is the way we prefer to consume our content. Binge-watching as a lifestyle was adopted by the audience after OTT platforms gained popularity. Although binge-watching existed way before the rise of digital streaming but back then it wasn’t a common phenomenon. Prior to streaming platforms DVDs were one of the few ways through which a person could binge-watch. 

OTT: Netflix

Binge-watching is extremely addictive but there’s nothing uncanny about it. We have experienced it; be it binging the entire season of True Detective or be it eagerness while watching HIMYM. According to psychologists the reason that we tend to binge watch is that our body responds to it as a pleasurable activity. While we binge-watch the brain releases dopamine due to which we tend to enjoy it. This is also one of the reasons behind the addiction to binge-watching. The person consuming content is prone to forget about their problems or pending work while watching the screen. The hunger for new and engaging content is increasing daily. 


Our lifestyle has evolved because of the streaming platforms. We have adopted the binge life. Whenever we have time for ourselves we tend to either binge-watch all the remaining shows or movies on our list. Along with that binge eating has crept its way in our lives. Most of the content is just passively consumed by us. Most of our time is spent in front of a screen. At times we lose the track of events while watching the series. 

OTT: Netflix

We develop a connection with the fictional character and relate to everything they go through. But at times these connections don’t last long. Binge-watching is a vicious loop that we willingly fall in its trap. It makes us feel good. Watching a piece of craft – be it a movie, an entire series or even a short video – revitalizes us. Many times we keep on watching stuff to escape from reality. It has become a convenient option to suppress one’s emotions and forget about their struggles. At the end of the day, our obsession with watching these commendable creators’ work is going to last long.

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Swara Garge
Swara Garge

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