So, in this self-portrait I have used a printed cotton fabric and painted over using acrylic paint. There was this one part where I am kinda happy that the process for putting up the cloth over the frame, which included me to put a white canvas cloth and then the fabric and then 2 layers of a glue solution and the funny part was that I was the only one in my class that did not get any wrinkles due to the application of the solution.

This work was to create a self portrait so I thought of not including my face but moreover to paint what defines me. Like my body type, my specific characteristics, likings, disliking, stories etc.

My idea of working was not just to put things here and there but also in some narrative manner as I am very much interested in things related to nature and most of my works kinda revolve around nature. Also I wanted to put certain things which people don’t know about like the blue strawberry which actually exists in real life as a GM crop. I also tried to put up small childhood memories which I had of me being bit by a spider so that’s my fear and the spider has been set free of that cage.

My main achievement was to create sort of an environment which I can call my environment of if was one that’s what it might look like. I like to work in sort of a bit dull colours rather than bright ones and creating shades is something which I really like to do while playing with the textures of anything.

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