The Punk With Pink

The Punk With Pink

‘The Punk With Pink’ indeed targets to usher aesthetes into the conflicting epitome of femininity and masculinity through the mere use of colours. I love personifying animals, especially encapsulating them in creative spaces. Punk is referred to as a passive male homosexual and often considered offensive. Though the whole idea of defaming an important part of the society like that is simply absurd. Hence, the horse as can be noticed, is a punk “artist”, with his long golden hairs dangling all over, thereby epitomizing his choice of freedom. The transitioning background from black to pink reflects the two aspects of him, or, of anybody else, the feminine and masculine aspects. Through the painting, the horse’s frantic effort of feeling comfortable in his skin has been showcased. The composure of his face reflects his tiredness from the stubborn society.

Size: 21×29.7 cm
Medium: Oil paint and Palette Knives
Style: Contemporary artwork

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