The Star Trail

The Star Trail
‘The Star Trail’

The Star Trail” is a miracle believer. Since her childhood, looking at the star crowded Azul sky overnights, lying on her back on the dew-wet grass she had fantasized and envied the sky’s color, especially the night sky’s. She wondered if she could ever be at least half as beautiful. That shade of blue, she would leap for it but always failed to capture it completely enough to adorn her body.

Then one day while staring at the spellbinding starry sky, her thirst for beauty drifted her by the side of the lake. This is divine beauty, she had whispered to herself. The reflection of each of the sky’s jewel would dance with the ripples. This blue, the ocean’s blue seemed even more intriguing. She leapt forward to steal a closer look when she saw ….the canvas that had held all of her nemeses’ beauty. Awestruck as hell she squeaked at the very sight of it, the mountains under the star trails looked distant but felt like her own. Nothing prettier had she witnessed until now and as her own self.

She sits today in my living room, still staring at the spellbinding starry sky but envying less and complimenting more.

‘The Star Trail’ is ‘her’ story, not mine. Once a painting is made she no longer needs the artist to speak for itself to those who are willing to pay a heeding ear, for now, she is bold and beautiful enough.

Laid in a 12x 29.7cms frame, she tells a story. Yes! The one that you just read. The watercolor spattered ‘The Star Trail’ is inspired by the night sky flaunting its shinier than diamond jewels and how with earth’s rotation, hypnotizing trails could mark the canvas who always had envied her.

Find yours once envied night sky 🙂

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