Top 10 Underpowered Characters in MCU

It is very well-known that Marvel Cinematic Universe is very different from the storyline that comic follows. And these changes are not slight modifications, but some stories and characters are the polar opposite of their comic counterparts. Like MCU’s Civil War follows an entirely different storyline with a contrasting outcome.

Would people like the death of Captain America by the Iron Man? No, box office, fan reactions, and ratings suggest people are much happier with the present ending.

Ultron was created by Hank Pym, but the Ant-Man’s story is a generation ahead in the MCU. By the release of Avenger’s Age Of Ultron, Ant-man didn’t even debut in MCU. Some characters have been represented differently from their comic book representations. These modifications give Marvel Cinematic Universe a unique flavour which made even the comic book nerds anxious for the Avenger’s End Game. Let’s discuss theTop 10 Underpowered Characters in MCU when compared to the comic books.

Top 10 Underpowered Characters in MCU

10) HULK

Top 10 Underpowered Characters in MCU

There are many iterations of HULK in comics, with some iterations arguably stronger than every Avenger. “World Breaker Hulk” was so strong that he defeated Sentry in a legendary battle and nearly destroyed the Earth post his battle with Sentry. In MCU, we have the incredible Hulk, whose transformation is driven by sadness and anger.

Thor Ragnarok follows the modified storyline of World Breaker Hulk (Green Scar), but he was way underpowered. Thor was put down during his fight with Hulk because he was gaining the upper hand. Marvel Writer Greg Pak described the Worldbreaker Hulk as stronger than any mortal—and most immortals—who ever walked the Earth. He further remarked that the character is powerful enough to completely destroy entire planets.

9) Gamora

10 Underpowered Characters in MCU: Gamora

Mad Titan Thanos’s adopted daughter is truly a remarkable character in MCU. Still, compared to her comic representation, she is very underpowered. In Infinity War, Thanos claimed, Gamora to be the fiercest woman in the Galaxy. But MCU has shown little to no evidence to back this up. Gamora’s impressive superhuman strength is shown very little in the movies. She seems like an ordinarily skilled assassin for most scenes in MCU.

Her fighting skills seemed underwhelming, considering she has commanded vast armies of Thanos and fetched infinity stones for him. In Comics, Gamora went head-to-head with Captain Marvel and even came out victorious. So yes, Thanos’ claims had weight in the comics. Gamora had a variety of powers and abilities not mentioned in MCU. Most crazy being the enhancements – almost unbreakable skeleton and an amazingly fast healing factor- she was given by Thanos.

8) Loki

10 Underpowered Characters in MCU: Loki

The master of mischief is probably the fan-favorite anti-hero in MCU. Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki is excellent, but MCU’s Loki is weaker than its comic counterparts. Established by the video below, Loki rarely uses his magic, shape-shifting, hypnosis, teleportation, and other powerful abilities, making him appear weak in the wars.

In the Loki TV series, we see Tom lifting a building with his telekinesis skills. Still, we only saw him use telekinesis once in the movies. Not to mention the beating Loki has received from time to time in MCU. The God of Mischief has been bested numerous times in MCU, with foes who are weaker than the comic Loki. Although he survived an attack by the Hulk, he never really used his powers, including physical strength or magic. Since Loki is a frost giant, he has superhuman strength, speed, and other abilities in comics.

His magic skills in comics are comparable to Karnilla, the most skilled sorcerer in Asgard – converted Thor to a frog once. With the ongoing series Loki, he might finally get the representation he deserves.

7) Elders (Collector and GrandMaster)

10 Underpowered Characters in MCU: Elders (Collector and GrandMaster

The representation of Elders makes them appear nothing more than freaks in MCU. Elders comprise ancient, powerful beings who have survived millions of years but seem no different from mortals in MCU. Although the Collector and GrandMaster did play essential roles in the MCU, their power and representation were grossly undermined.

The Collector (comics) could manipulate cosmic energy to project concussive force beams and increase his size and mass. Not to mention the advanced technology, guns, and armoured suit he had due to collection of technology and miscellaneous stuff for ages.

Grandmaster is also capable of manipulating cosmic energies. He is almost totally immune to disease and can regenerate from virtually any injury or recover from being slain. He can even teleport and travel through time, space and dimensions. His representation in MCU is just awful, where he is overthrown by a bunch of thugs.

6) Drax the Destroyer

10 Underpowered Characters in MCU: Drax The Destroyer

Drax is the most nerfed character in MCU, in my opinion. We all loved GOTG for the jokes, gimmicks, and of course, music. Ironically Guardians of the Galaxy even collectively is nerfed, compared to their comic counterparts; Peter Quill, even though a half-celestial seems like a mortal for the most part. Arguably, the character at the front of those jokes and comedy acts most ordinarily is Drax.

In Annihilation #4, he tore through a powerful Thanos’ forcefield and proceeded to punch through him and rip his heart out. He has even wielded infinity stones. In the GOTG vol 1, Drax is absolutely crushed to death by Ronan even without the infinity stone.

5) Nova Corps

10 Underpowered Characters in MCU: Nova Corps

The Nova Corps is an intergalactic police force in Marvel Comics. They are a group of mighty beings with access to Nova Force to draw power. Nova Prime is the highest rank, who is capable of incredible feats of energy manipulation and flight.


Nova in Ultimate SpiderMan is a Nova Prime from comics.

Nova Corps had many other great ranks apart from the Nova Prime such as Syfton (ability to drain and redirect energy), Centurions (can lift up to 20 tonnes), Millennians (cannot fly, but can pilot one-man sky flyers and the ability to lift 10 tonnes), and CorpsMan (can lift 5 tons with limited invulnerability and have proton blaster like other ranks). In GOTG Vol 1, we saw the decimation of Millennians by Ronan. Millennians piloted the spaceship but didn’t have physical strength as in comics. All different positions, including the Nova Prime, weren’t even mentioned. It’s unfortunate to see one of the most robust intergalactic police succumbing to Ronan without even a challenge.

4) Children of Thanos (The Black Order in Comics)

Top 10 Underpowered Characters in MCU

I was so hyped for Children of Thanos after watching them in the Infinity War trailer. 15 minutes into the movie, and I realize they are nothing like what I read about them. The biggest disappointment was Corvus Glaive, who only retained his blade’s ability to pierce through anything from comics. As long as his cosmic blade is not destroyed, Corvus can regenerate from any lethal attack, even one that reduces him to nearly nothing. We see Thanos’ next in command being bested by Black Widow, which was humiliating for his comic mightiness.

In the comic book series #Black Order, Black Dwarf seems to possess limitless physical strength and unbreakable skin. Yet he was killed easily by Hulk Buster by throwing him against the Wakandan perimeter shield. Proxima Midnight, the wife of Corvus, was a skilled fighter who has superhuman strength, other traits, and a mighty spear that contains a star trapped in a quantum singularity. The spear can also turn into a collapsible star that creates infinite gravity, enough to subdue a fully raging Hulk. Maw’s portrayal in Avengers seemed close to his comics’ appearance. And Super Giant didn’t make her debut in MCU yet.

3) Asgardians

10 Underpowered Characters in MCU: Asgardians

Throughout The Thor films and MCU, Asgardians have been significantly nerfed, almost enough that it appears as if Thor and Odin are the only ones capable of defending Asgard. Asgardians in MCU are shown as weak as humans, if not weaker.

However, in comics, Asgardians have specific superhuman physical characteristics: extremely long life-span (age slowly after adulthood), bones way denser than similar human tissue (reason for superhuman strength and weight). The average Asgardian can lift 30 tons. Asgardians are also immune to all terrestrial diseases and resistant to conventional injuries. In MCU, we see Hela decimating Asgard’s whole army in like 5 mins. Yes, Hela is far stronger, but still, MCU showed a far-brutal defeat of the Asgardian army.

2) Dark Elves

10 Underpowered Characters in MCU: Dark Elves

Dark Elves lived in Svartalfheim thousands of years ago. They existed in the primordial darkness that predated the current vibrant state of the universe. Their goal is to destroy the current universe and return existence back to that state.

Malekith and the other dark elves seem very weak compared to their comic-book counterparts in Thor: The Dark World. The Dark Elves appear to be tremendously long-lived, possibly even immortal. Apart from having superhuman abilities, Malekith was adept in sorcery; he can call down an army of ravenous hounds who will do anything for him. Even with Aether, an infinity stone, Malekith, and other dark elves were beaten easily by Thor. After watching Thor 2, it made fans wonder why were Dark Elves and Malekith feared in the nine realms?

1) Ghost

10 Underpowered Characters in MCU: Ghost

When reading the comics and watching Iron Man: Armored Adventures, the Ghost was my favorite villain by a margin. Ghost is a brilliant inventor, master strategist, computer hacker, and a potent villain in comics, often besting Iron Man and other heroes with his wit and tech.

Ghost-tech enables him to turn himself and any objects he touches invisible or intangible, but not simultaneously. Not only did MCU ruined his origin story, but they also changed his gender, powers and made him an absolute mess in AntMan and the Wasp. In the movie, Ghost is a female and doesn’t get her ability from the suit but from her exposure to quantum verse. Ghost was a brutal mercenary, often going out of the way to finish his reckless plans. Watching such fake vanilla take on one of my favorite villains definitely didn’t go well with me.

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