Top 5 Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts

Siri shortcuts are fantastic as they allow us to do tasks in no time. Whether you want to customize it or use some existing shortcut like Shazam or say access something in settings that is annoying to find, again and again, Siri shortcuts have got you. Throughout the years, Apple has increased the choices and achievable tasks using Siri shortcuts. Let’s look at the top 5 Siri shortcuts.

To get Siri to run a Shortcut, you have to summon Siri using the button shortcut or voice. Say “Hey Siri” on your iOS or iPadOS device, HomePod, or Apple Watch; then say the name of the Shortcut, such as “Directions Home,” which will give you directions home from wherever you are.

1. Speed Dial

It puts contact on speed dial, and you can ask Siri to call within seconds.

2. Direction home

If you’ve added your home address, this Shortcut will start “Directions Home” from wherever you are to guide you back home safely. I personally find this one very useful whenever I go to someplace within walking distance.

3. Make 25 playlist

If you, like me, listen to many songs on Spotify/apple music suggested radio and don’t have time to sort and make the playlist, just ask Siri to “Make Top 25 Playlist,” and she’ll pull together your 25 most played tunes.

4. Say Cheese

“Say Cheese” is a fun Shortcut that honors the old age selfie ritual that lets you take hands-free photos. Just say, “Hey Siri, Say Cheese,” and your phone will snap a pic.

5. Intelligent Power

I use this Shortcut the most in my day-to-day life. iPhone settings allow you to auto-activate the low-battery mode automatically only after the battery is <= 20%. And we all know how much of a hassle it is to go to settings and toggle it on yourself. Thankfully, intelligent battery usage is just two words away because of this Shortcut. Just ask Siri to activate “intelligent power”.

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