Azure Aqua: A Painting on Water Conservation

Water Conservation Painting: Azure Aqua

Azure- That is a bright, cyan-blue colour named after the rock lapis lazuli. If there is a colour you can see in this painting, it is Azure, yes! 

For some reason, when I drew this and still when I look at it today, it gives me major 14 years old vibes!

You know the feeling when sitting on the last corner bench of the class with your sketchbook, scribbling aimlessly and becoming numb to the surrounding, when it’s just you and the ingeniously scribbled pages in front of you, that feeling my friend .. is inane! It is the purest thing I have ever experienced, counting this piece of course, and as they say, “Art indeed is therapy!” 

Having talked about the feel of the painting, let’s move to the frame itself. The elements in the frame are as easy to guess as to waste fresh water: there is a lady with flowing hairs, a cityscape above it, cityscape at the bottom as well, the bottles clung to her hairs and a tidal wave can also be traced. The nude lady with a fishtail is actually a Sea goddess! Yes, you read it right,  and I’m way older than a 14 year old teen by the way! But she is mermaid looking, her floating hairs indicate the presence of water.

The emptied garbage bottles hooked at the ends of her hair strands .. an obvious indicator for a water pollution awareness painting, right?! The posture of the Water-goddess, stretching the waistband of her fishtail with the elbows straight and her head bent backwards, delivers her exasperation towards the worsening situation.

You can also spot a tidal wave on the shore of a cityscape. There is a submerged city on the ocean bed. The submerged city indicates the doom of those who ignore the nasty consequences of water pollution and degradation. The city above the water surface when squinted at, shows old architectural buildings. This is an embodiment of what is likely to survive “the future” as well as in the future. Resorting to not so modern-day lifestyle when industrial pollution was never heard of and preventing water pollution in whichever way we can, will only make us stay above the water level. Else only wreckage of that city will form the future picture. 

The azure shade of blue has been used to indicate the indispensability and importance(which I cannot stress enough) of freshwater in not only our lives but also for the survival of each species on Earth. 

Water Conservation

Water conservation has become essential in all regions, even where water seems abundant. That’s because our water resources are finite, and they are getting smaller every year. Use this guide to save more water, both indoors and in your garden and yard.

So in the end, through the medium of art, I just want to plead,


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