Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhone, iPad and Windows PC: How To Play, Beta Invites, and Review

Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhone, iPad and Windows PC

Microsoft has finally brought its Xbox Cloud Gaming service to iPhone, iPad and Windows PC. The service works in inclusion with the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass. The service works through web browsers, so you don’t need any application to enjoy your cloud gaming session.

The Xbox Cloud Gaming got launched via a dedicated web page on the Xbox website. Web-based gaming is not  as clean as a dedicated Xbox Cloud Gaming app on the iPhone and iPad, but right now it’s the only solution that Microsoft could have come up with, due to Apple’s App Store restrictions.

The service will be accessible through As Xbox Cloud Gaming is bundled with the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, it has around 100 cloud-enabled titles. Xbox Cloud Gaming supports top browsers like Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, with in-built support for Bluetooth Controllers or touch-input.

The beta program is in the early stages of testing and is an invite-only beta testing. Microsoft says that it will continuously add more Xbox Ultimate Game Pass users to the list. The first wave of invites has already rolled out for select Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users.

Which Games Are Available on Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhone, iPad and Windows PC

Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhone, iPad and Windows PC: Game Library

Microsoft hasn’t provided a comprehensive list of cloud-enabled games for iPhone, iPad and Windows PC upon releases. We expect all the existing cloud-enabled games to work on iPhones and iPads.

How To Join Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhone and iPad

Xbox Cloud Gaming got launched in a closed beta stage. It offers invite-only access throughout the initial phase of testing. Microsoft has started sending Xbox Cloud Gaming invites to select Xbox Ultimate Game Pass subscribers. The invites will land directly in the inbox of your email address linked to your Microsoft Account.

There is no formal way to sign-up for the beta. Microsoft only mentioned that owning the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is the prerequisite for getting invites.

So, you can purchase the $15 Xbox Ultimate Game Pass for a chance of getting an invite for the beta testing.

Review: Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhone, iPad and Windows PC: Banjo-Kazooie

The web interface of Xbox Cloud Gaming is very simplistic. The search functionality eases the title hunt. The games scale perfectly across devices like iPhone, iPad, or even a large PC monitor.

Some games can utilize the Xbox Touch Controls, so you don’t have to carry a controller with you. As the backend servers for Xbox Cloud Gaming are Xbox One S consoles, the game loading times are not that impressive. But don’t get discouraged! Microsoft is planning to upgrade Xbox Cloud Gaming servers to Xbox Series X sometime this year.

Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhone, iPad and Windows PC: Xbox Touch Controls

The initial testing of several hours resulted in a lot of connection issues on iPhone, iPad and Windows PC, using both wireless and wired controllers. But for a service in its juvenile phase, hiccups like these are expected.

The experience is much like the Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android. The service supports a 1080p stream. It exactly feels like using an Xbox via the cloud as there’s a dashboard that lets the user access friends, party chats, achievements and invites to play.

The service scaled across multiple devices flawlessly and promotes a future where you can play your favourite games without owning a Gaming PC or a Gaming Console.

There are many possibilities that Xbox Cloud Gaming brings to the table. Phil Spencer, Executive Vice-President of Gaming at Microsoft, has hinted at a TV streaming stick for Xbox Cloud Gaming. Also, Microsoft is eyeing to bring the service to Facebook gaming at some point. 

The service’s complete release is closer than anticipated, and Microsoft confirms it by saying: “Our goal is to iterate rapidly and open up to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in the coming months so that more people can experience Xbox in all-new ways.” 

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