Loving Through Those Yellow Eyes – An Indian Contemporary Art

Indian Contemporary art form

This painting is an Indian Contemporary art form. Let me start by explaining the art form.

Indian Contemporary Art

The history of Indian contemporary art traces a varied range of imaginative rejoinders to veracity, through the last century. Indian contemporary art has voyaged from being plain beautiful and skilled to interesting and unusual, very unusual indeed. The evolution of India was evident in the 80s and the 90s and this hugely impacted the upcoming Indian painters. Aping the West, as we till date do, inclination towards modernity escalated in all aspects of life, even in art forms. Modernism, hence, modern art styles became preferable over the traditional sort of Indian art paintings. Hence, artists who believed in the storytelling of Indian culture and the ardent need for its preservation began amalgamating the traditional style of Indian painting with modern convictions.

Today novel kinds of Indian art paintings are emerging in the artistic scenario, the sort of trends never seen before and which do not belong to any specific field. Today one can buy the best modern art online and not only does it enrich the discernment by viewing these dazzling pieces but investing in art is a lucrative business proposition. The value of Indian contemporary art is going up by leaps and bounds and this market holds up the strength of enough transactions. In the past few years, Indian contemporary art has entered the formal rooms of the middle class from at one time being monopolized by the rich royalty and the elite corporate houses. It has also journeyed oversees to obtain exorbitant costs. With the absence of borders and the economy becoming more and more global, Indian contemporary art has scaled new heights and will be soaring even higher.

About the Painting

I made this piece about two years ago, and this is the third of my canvas paintings. Inspired by the art style of known artists of today, Liaba Baig and Muniba Mazari, who paint beautiful, bold women most interestingly; this painting is also an effort to epitomize the same beauty and strength. In the frame, two women can be seen gaping the other one, or should I say, checking out each other. It is a try at inflicting gay orientation around the 17th century. The yellow in the background represents the religious abstinence in the Hindu culture signifying the orthodox perception. Altogether, the passionate gazes with the distance between them explain it all!

Canvas: 14″ x 18″
Medium: Oil Paints

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